Q400AT Large Air Tanker

Field Air is proud to partner with Conair in bringing the Q400AT to Australia. It is one of the most modern aerial firefighters in the world and has the full support of  De Havilland Canada, the original equipment manufacturer, ensuring the aircraft will continue to fly for decades to come.

With the global demand for aerial firefighting aircraft increasing, there is pressure on companies like Conair to have aircraft, crews and support services available at a moment’s notice, ensuring they are operational throughout their mission. With a reputation for performance, reliability and value, Conair is meeting this need by producing the most modern aerial firefighter in the world today – the Q400 airtanker.

The aircraft was selected for its versatility, sustainability, and value, offering responsive airtanker capabilities that work in concert with other aircraft types, supporting agencies with the ability to create a diverse, balanced fleet which can respond to a variety of fire types in remote locations, even in the face of more intense wildfire behaviour due to climate change.
The converted aircraft can drop 10,000 litres of retardant or suppressant over diverse geography, creating containment lines to slow wildfire progression.
Under the Field Air / Conair partnership, this leading aerial firefighting aircraft has been in Australia for fire season since 2021. The Q400AT is based out of Queensland and Victoria, residing in the country year round for a secured contract until atleast 2025.
For more information on the Q400AT, visit the Firebombing Downloads on our website, or check out RJ85 and Q400 Airtankers Australia on Facebook.