AT-802U MIlitary COIN ISR

AT-802U – Military COIN ISR

Whether providing air support for a remote border outpost, or surveillance for a convoy, the 802U delivers impressive performance – at very low operational cost.  With its tandem seat cockpit and dual controls, the AT802U also makes an ideal training aircraft for flight and weapons training to develop weapons tactics, techniques and procedures.

Most jets and UAVs require large paved runways, and attack helicopters require hordes of maintainers.  Operating from unimproved airstrips and dirt roads, the 802U can carry out forward arming and refuelling point missions to provide unparalleled direct support and overwater for ground troops.  It can deliver fuel and supplies to remote forces.

As a surveillance platform it can loiter quietly more than 10 hours while carrying more than a ton of weapons plus missionized E0/IR, SIGINT or SAR payload.  Optional retractable L3 Wescam MX-15Di sensor targetting pod and ROVER vido downlink lets ground commanders, other aircraft and forward air controller see the battle in real time and in a most cost effective manner.

With 11 hard points on the wings and fuselage the 802U has the flexibility to employ a large arsenal of weaponry.  The aircraft’s speed and maneuverability exceeds that of most helicopters, UAV and cargo aircraft.

802U aircraft are built for survivability.  Air Tractor designs aircraft that helps pilots walk away from high-energy ground impacts.  This design has been perfected over 50 years of aerial spraying and forest firefighting and almost a decade of South American counter drug operations.  In combat, the 802U protects aircrews with robust cockpit and engine armor.  Fuel tanks and lines are self-sealing.  Ballistic glass windshields and side windows have defeated bullets during counter drug operations.

AT-802U MIlitary COIN ISR
Engine Type Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F
Engine HP & RPM 1600 @ 1700 RPM
Take off weight 7,257 Kg | 16,000 Lbs
Landing weight 7,257 Kg | 16,000 Lbs
Empty weight 3,703 Kg | 7,836 Lbs
Useful load 4,000 Kg | 8,164 Lbs
Fuel Capacity (Wings) 1438 Litres | 380 US Gal
Fuel Capacity (fuselage) 1,363 Litres | 3360 US Gal
Wing span 18 metres | 59.2 Ft