Field Air’s systems are fully certified and accredited. All accreditations have been held for a number of years.

We are certified by the following organizations:

  • Aerial Application Association of Australia (AAAA’s) – for aerial management systems
  • AAAA’s – aerial spray safety
  • AgSafe – for chemical standards
  • DrumMuster – for environmental disposal of chemical containers
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) – for maintenance quality standards and pilot training
  • Air Tractor – for aircraft distribution and maintenance training
    Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC)- for vehicle repairs and maintenance

Field Air is most proud of its AIMS accreditation status.  The Aerial Improvement Management System (“AIMS”) is a wholistic and industry specific safety and management system standard developed by the AAAA’s.  Further details on the AIMS standard can be obtained from the AAAA’s website.

The various management systems we have in place ensure that Field Air operates in accordance to Australian Standards, CASA regulations and applicable Australian legislation.