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Field Air are the Asia and Pacific region dealers for the Air Tractor brand of aircraft.

We sell Air Tractor aircraft and agricultural aviation parts and equipment.

So what is an Air Tractor?  Air Tractor are purpose built aircraft which have a number of uses:

Agricultural Aviation

Planes built for farm and crop spraying, applying solid fertilizers, sowing seeds and the distribution of baits;

Aerial Fire Fighting

Aircraft designed to drop water, gels or retardant onto fires and slow their spread;

Amphibious Water Bombing Aircraft

Fire fighting aircraft capable of landing on water and scooping water into their hopper.  This water can then be dropped onto a nearby fire;

Oil Spill Cleanup

Spraying offshore or coastal waters with oil dispersents;

Fuel Hauling

Carrying large amounts of gasoline, oil or other fuels and providing services to remote communities;

Military and Utilitary Purposes

Specialist aircraft with armor protection, numerous hard points, COIN and ISR surveillance fitout;

For more details on Air Tractor aircraft and models, click here.

Air Tractor are the world’s most popular agricultural aircraft and for very good reason.  Air Tractor aircraft are:

  • Safe, reliable and dependable
  • Capable of landing on short unimproved runways (grass, dirt, asphalt, concrete & water);
  • Have low maintenance and ongoing operating costs;
  • Versatile – easy to change operations to suit your requirements.

Field Air can provide the full range of Air Tractor aircraft.  We also have an extensive agricultural aviation parts store, stocking all leading brands of equipment and we can assist in fitting out your new aircraft.  Field Air can assist from helping you choose the correct model aircraft to suit your needs, to providing training of your pilots and maintenance crews.  Field Air provide services to all countries in the Asia and Pacific region

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