With the advent of the purpose built Air Tractor AT-802F, firebombing was a natural progression for Field Air.

Fires seasons have become more severe over the past decade or more and accordingly Fire Agencies around Australia have progressively increased the scale and capability of their fixed wing aerial fire fighting resources.

Field Air provide both Contract and Call When Needed Single Engine Air Tankers, otherwise known as SEAT’s, to various fire agencies in South Eastern Australia.
In 2010/2011 in a joint partnership with Conair Group of Canada, Field Air provided two larger Multi Engine Air Tankers (known by the acronym MEAT’s) to the State of Victoria for a one season trial.  These aircraft were a pair of Convair CV580’s, each capable of carrying a payload of up to 7,950 litres.
In 2014/2015 and again in 2015/2016, Field Air is again proud to work with its partner Conair to bring a Large Air Tanker, the Avro RJ85, to Australia.  The RJ is based at Avalon, just west of Melbourne.  Carrying up to 12,253 lits and dispatching at up to 425 knots (787 km/hr), the RJ represents the future generation in large air tankers.
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