Air Tractor Models

For your added convenience, we have put together comprehensive information on the most popular Air Tractor models operating in Australia.

Here you will find all the important specifications in both metric and imperial as well as images of the aircraft in action.


The ideal aircraft for operators looking to migrate to their first turbine ag aircraft, the AT-402B offers the productivity and safety features that Air Tractor is well known for.


Increased wingspan, power and hopper capacity make the AT-502B the ideal choice for operators who have perhaps outgrown the 402 Air Tractor range.


The world’s favourite 500-gallon ag plan has gone one better. The 502XP rises above other 500-gallon aircraft in high/hot conditions. Take off with a full load. All day, every day.


All the features of the AT-502B plus the added convenience of a full dual seat cockpit with dual controls. An ideal training aircraft.


For operators who need more capacity than the 502B, but are not needing to move up to 802A at this time, the AT-602 is the perfect fit.


Being the largest ag aircraft produced in the world, the AT-802A is the ideal solution for the larger professional ag operator. Aircraft in the 802 range may be either single cab or double cab, with an additional seat behind the pilot.


AT-802F is specifically designed & FAA certified for aerial fire fighting. This aircraft incorporates safety features in the design such as excellent visibility, maneurverability, slow stall speed and working speed.

AT-802F Fire Boss

Capable of landing on both water or ground, the amphibious Air Tractor FireBoss can scoop water and then deliver that load to nearby fires.

AT-802F Fuel Boss

Transport fuel to remote locations, anywhere. Carry up to 4,000 litres at a time of AvGas, Petrol (Gasoline), heating fuel, diesel or Jet A1 to where you need it most, safely and efficiently. Capable of landing on grass or dirt roads and other unimproved airstrips the rugged Air Tractor FuelBoss is the perfect fuel hauler.

AT-802U Military COIN ISR

The Air Tractor 802U is tough, powerful, cost-efficient and rapidly deployable. It has multi-mission capability and is built to work from dirt airstrips and in rugged environments. Standard features include ballistic glass and cockpit/engine armor, self sealing fuel tanks and multiple hard points.

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