Air Tractor AT-802F (SEAT)

Close to 1000 Air Tractor AT-802’s have been built to date, many of which are configured in the “F” Firebomber configuration.

Field Air operates six of these aircraft, and its Air Tractor dealership supports the operation of approximately forty more around Australia. This makes the Air Tractor AT-802F not only the most popular Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) in Australia, but also around the world.

In the interests of delivering the highest levels of safety and performance, all Field Air AT-802F’s on absolute or primary availability contracts are fitted with Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F engines, vortex generators, computer controlled purpose built bombing doors, AMSAFE seat harnesses and lightning safe protection.
These features combine to make the Field Air AT-802F “Advanced” one of the safest and most productive SEATs around, guaranteeing a full payload with excellent margins of safety in all but the most extreme conditions.