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Patrick Mudd
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    Patrick Mudd

Name: Patrick Mudd

Rating: AA rating, chemical rating, CSU, RG

Work Experience: 9 months Loader/Mixer

Licence Held: CPL

Total Time: 470hrs


Recently completed  aerial application rating with Barry Foster and  am now looking for my first pilot’s seat.
I have mixed and loaded in South WA for 9 months with Joyce Air.
My first aviation job was RAAus flight instructing which required the ability to adapt to each student’s needs and situation.
I have 470hrs TT with 270hrs PIC.
QLD aerial applicators chemical licence.

I have tailwheel time in 8GCBC Scout, Aeronca C7A, Taylorcraft L2, C150, and Barry’s C172 and Pawnee.

Thanks for any consideration


contact No 0422 715 822


Available on short notice

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