Experienced Ag Pilot Position Available

Verified and Approved Ad


  • Contact Name:
    Hedley Watt
  • Position:
    Chief Pilot
  • Company:
    Aero Professional Services Emerald
  • Company Details:
    "Denison Downs" Emerald 4720 Queensland Australia
  • Experience Wanted:
    1000 hrs turbine minimum
  • Apply To:
    Hedley Watt hedleywatt@aeroprofessionalservices.com.au / 0429 491 556

Aero Professional Services Emerald, agricultural pilot required.
We are based in Central Queensland Australia. We have constant year round spreading , spraying and seeding. All turbine fleet of aircraft including 510 Thrush , Garrett and H80 types. PT6A -65 710 thrush. Paying very high rates for the right person.
Applicants need to have previous spraying and spreading experience, Australian or equivalent licensing.
Contact Hedley Watt; mobile 0429 491 556 or email hedleywatt@aeroprofessionalservices.com.au

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