Aerial Firefighting Pilot Available

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Tomer Inbar


  • Contact Name:
    Tomer Inbar
  • Licenses Held:
    ICAO Ag License ICAO Ag Instructor License
  • Rating:
    AT 802F - Land Thrush Instrument
  • Total Time:
    5500 1200 FireFighting on AT802 - Land Version
  • Hours Breakup:
    1800 - Airforce jets experience 2500 - Thrush Crop dusting 1200 - Airtractor 802 Firefighting
  • Aircraft Experience:
  • Work Experience:
    Israel, Cyprus International support - Greece, Cyprus, Macadonia, Montenegro
  • Available:
    December to April

Aerial Firefighting Pilot with a ICAO license.
British Citizen.
Experience with fighting fires in Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Macadonia and Montenegro.
AT802 type rating instructor and fire training course.
Over 1000 hours on the AT802.
Looking for my next contract.

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