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Karl Sibbons


  • Contact Name:
    Karl Sibbons
  • Licenses Held:
    Canadian Fixed Wing CPL Piston AG training 40 hours Turbine transition training AT504 AT502 type rating Alberta and Saskatchewan Pesticide License BaHons in Civil Engineering
  • Rating:
    AT 502
  • Total Time:
    820 hours TT
  • Hours Breakup:
    GA 200 52 hours C188 AG truck 213 hours AT 502 200 hours (by end of this season) AT504 10 hours Piper P235 229 hours Piper P180 34 Hours Cessna 172 92 Hours
  • Work Experience:
    3 seasons in Ag operations, 2 at the current operation and ongoing emplyment long term with current employer
  • Available:
    Late October/November

Hi, I am a Canadian 502 pilot, low time, one season in a 502, all training completed at Battleford Airspray, 52 hours in a GA 200, 213 hours in Cessna 188 agtruck and by the end of this season will be approaching 200 hours Turbine 502 time, with 10 hours of additional 504 time for turbine transition training.
Looking to find a seat from October/November 2021 for the season. Location not important.
Willing to do the necessary transition work and Australian licensing items that can be done prior to arrival right away.

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