Air Tractor

The Air Tractor aircraft range started in agricultural aviation and today it is the world leader in that field.

However it seem that every few years another new task is discovered at which the Air Tractor excels - aerial firefighting, drug eradication, fuel hauling, oil spill cleanup, aerial surveying and even law enforcement and military applications.
We can match your needs to the correct aircraft so as to maximize your efficiency and give you the best return on your investment. 

Air Tractor aircraft are used extensively around the world.  They are known for their reliability and dependability. When you buy an Air Tractor you are backed by a worldwide parts and service network. Field Air is happy to be a part of that network.

Please click here for further Air Tractor details and the countries we supply to.  For any technical or sales matters please email us following the link at the bottom right of this page.


Brands and Products

  • Air Tractor       (AIRCRAFT)
  • Pratt & Whitney       (ENGINES)
  • FireBoss       (FLOAT PLANES) 
  • FuelBoss       (FUEL HAULERS)
  • Transland       (FIRE & SPREADING)
  • Kawak       (THROTTLE CONTROL & PUMPS)
  • Crophawk - Onboard       (SPRAY FLOW CONTROL)
  • Agrinautics       (PUMPS & SPRAY VALVES)
  • Micronair       (SPRAYERS)
  • CP       (SPRAY NOZZLES)
  • Trotter       (FIRE & DATAVAULT TRACKING)
  • TracMap       (GPS NAVIGATION)
  • StormCutters       (WIRE PROTECTION)
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